We use the Modern English Foxhound, this breed has a long documented history. Indeed there is proof that foxhounds were the very first canines in Great Britain to be sufficiently bred. By 1710 hounds were to be found in packs, carefully bred and at this time, some of the hunts had changed to hunting the fox. Breeding was carried out on scientific principles. Mr Charles Pelham later the first Lord Yarborough was the first to start keeping lists of hound pedigrees and ages.

The English Foxhound makes an excellent Drag Hound. They are bold passionate hunters which love to follow a drag line and also to bay – there is nothing more thrilling (except perhaps the Bloodhounds voice) than to hear a pack of Foxhounds pick up the scent of the line and voice their excitement and enthusiasm, adrenalin pumping stuff for both horse and rider! They are of course pack animals, who must be trained to work together, obey their huntsman and whipper-ins, their natural instinct to scent makes them ideal for Drag Hunting and they soon learn to work to the artificial scent that Drag Packs use to lay a line.