A Day with the Mid Surrey Farmers’ Drag Hounds

Before a days’ sport is started the Masters of the day will have spoken to the landowners and then with Fred French and Barry Slater will walk every line to trim and prepare the fences.

On the day as we meet, Barry will be out laying the lines; at the end of each line he will have carefully ‘lift’ the scent to provide a finishing point to that line, before he lays the next line.

We keep the field numbers small and respect each other’s way of going giving plenty of room at each fence – this way of going is ideal for event horses and point to pointers – no crowding and no jumping upside; unless you want,

At the end of each line hounds and horses are given a breather and not until everyone is accounted for we will move onto the next line.

Members are supportive and fun and help is always on hand for fallers and those in need of encouragement.

Our days are suitable for experienced riders on bold horses, there are smaller days designed for new riders and for those introducing new, young horses and for our point to pointers. Please ring Peter Webb on 01435 813289/07789 656826 before you come out for advice on what lines are suitable for you and your horse. We want you to enjoy your days with us and suggest starting at the beginning of the season and not ‘in at the deep end’ although there are smaller days interspersed throughout the season.