My first encounter of the MSFD was when we hosted a tea at home after the meet at Dallington. I think I was about 5. All I remember is this loud crowd of very muddy people who laughed and drank and laughed some more. I was desperate to join in and eventually, some years later I managed to persuade Mum to let me have a go on Frosty who was sure to look after me. What an amazing day! Despite parting company with Frosty I achieved more in that afternoon than I ever thought possible, What was so kind is how everyone helped catch my loose pony and got me back on board and helped me to the end of the line as if we were all part of some big team. I was so grateful. Frosty and I were regular followers of the drag until last year when he retired aged 21. I am not quite ready to retire yet so hopefully I will be back out very soon.