I can’t deny that I was a little bit nervous before my first proper day with the MSFD which was at the Swan in 2012. Charlie and Dad had frequently come back from dragging with tales of numerous tumblers and photos of massive drop landings and impossible looking take offs. I was 12 and so the offer of a quick drink to calm my nerves wasn’t appealing! But when I walked into the pub everyone greeted me so warmly that I felt much happier and by the time we were on horseback so many people had offered to look after me (not my brother of course!) that I felt almost relaxed. And once we started following the hounds I was having a ball. The fantastic field etiquette of the Drag meant that I was never cut up by anyone and no-one tried to race me or jump on top of me. My pony exceeded my expectations and I came home with my own photos of impressive hedges and a real boost to my confidence. I have had some fantastic days with the MSFD. It is a real treat to have a day out with them.